Leslie Texas provides professional development workshops and individual coaching sessions purposefully designed to fully align with rigorous content standards. Understanding the demand for content focus and coherence as well as attention to research-based learning theory, Leslie seamlessly connects the two essential aspects of the standards: standards for practice and standards for content. Leslie keenly recognizes the diversity among educators and learners from school to school and grade to grade. In facilitating professional growth, Leslie scaffolds teachers’ abilities to recognize the intersections of practice and content within their classrooms and among their students, thereby resulting in greater achievement. Through a combination of approaches—analysis of exemplars, guided lesson planning, and ongoing process reflection—Leslie models effective instructional methods making many of the abstract reasoning processes of teaching and learning concrete for educational audiences. In demonstration and presentation of thoughtful practice, Leslie empowers teachers to become more effective classrooms leaders.

Job-Embedded Professional Development

Scope of Work:

Job-embedded professional development and coaching that focuses on customized
instructional design principals, lesson structures, and/or instructional routines in the
mathematics classroom (or interdisciplinary).


  • Number of days vary.

Possible Topics:

  • Structures for Building a Learning Community
  • Assessments, Standards, and Benchmark Activities: A Focus on Backwards Design
  • Engaging Instructional Routines to Build Problem-Solving and Reasoning
  • Developing Independent Thinkers: Strategies That Promote Productive Struggle
  • Problem or Project-Based Learning
  • Literacy in the Math/Science Classroom

Lesson Cycle Coaching Visits (semester, quarter, or monthly)

  • Conduct a series of coaching visits to support teachers as they implement.
  • Day 1: PLC (or individual) planning for implementation.
  • Day 2: Implementation support with “in the moment” feedback provided.
  • Day 3: PLC (or individual) reflection and planning for the next steps.

Additional Services:

  • Virtual coaching/training support.
  • Coaching support to administrators in understanding what to look for during implementation as well as trouble shoot any issues.
  • After school training sessions on a variety of research based instructional strategies to support implementation.


  • Includes preparation, on-site visits, and all travel related expenses.