Leslie Texas has over twenty years of experience working with K-12 teachers and schools across the country to enhance rigorous and relevant instruction. She believes that improving student outcomes depends on comprehensive approaches to teaching and learning. Her services focus on:

  • Numeracy practices across content areas
  • Rigorous Standards for Mathematics
  • Formative assessment
  • Project-based learning

Leslie has a B.A. in mathematics and physics from Georgetown College. She taught middle and high school mathematics and science, and has strong content expertise in both areas. Leslie earned her M.Ed. from the University of Louisville, with an emphasis in interdisciplinary curriculum. She is currently enrolled in a doctoral program, focusing on higher education. Through her advanced degree studies, she honed her skills in content and program development and student-centered instruction. Using a combination of direct instruction, modeling, and problem-solving activities rooted in practical application of mathematical principles, Leslie helps teachers become more effective classroom leaders and peer coaches. Contact Leslie to learn more about her background and experience.

Leslie’s years of experience in the classroom give her a depth of experience to draw upon.
Curtis A.

Mathematics Teacher, New Jersey

Thanks for sharing your information. You are AWESOME! I hope I can one day be a presenter like you!
Candace B.

Assistant Principal, SC

Leslie introduced us to unique ways to improve our teaching, better reach our students and make learning fun.
Melisa R.

Mathematics Teacher, Oklahoma